Types of Houses

There are several types of virtuous housings and to choose the one that best fits your project, it is important to have the opportunity to discover the various solutions, to study the characteristics, costs and possible specificities. Our exhibitors will enlighten you.


The design part is essential in a construction or renovation project. It defines the final result: the appearance and materials, but also the quantity and source of energy needed to make your home comfortable.

It is also at this stage that it is advisable to plan, if possible, the location of future waste water collectors and composters.



To build or renovate your home so that it is as virtuous as possible, a wide choice of materials is available, from wood to straw, including extruded polystyrene. The professionals present at our show will explain the technical characteristics and performances of each material.


In order to reduce your consumption even more and therefore your energy dependence, beyond LEDs and household appliances with very low energy consumption, install a VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation) dual flow, certainly more expensive, will extract wet or worn air, but will also inject into your home a healthy air, already preheated by the outgoing air. Choosing a wood heating supplement, using a heat pump or installing solar thermal or photovoltaic panels are another solution.

Home Automation

It allows between 25 and 30% energy savings. Home automation, also known as connected house, smart house or "smart home", refers to all the connected objects in a house. Installed in your home, it controls your various groups of appliances: heating, water, ventilation, solar production, lighting, etc., to optimize energy efficiency and your comfort.

Grants and Subsidies

When you opt for an ecological habitat, it is important to know that you can benefit from assistance such as a zero interest loan from certain banks, tax exemption, or even help from local authorities.